Legal Translation Services in Every Language

Legal translation services on retainer for law firms across the globe. Whether you handle foreign immigration cases, need court interpreting services, or are expanding your business into a market with new legal requirements, we’ve got you covered. Get fast, accurate legal translations from a team of legal translation experts.

Legal Translation Company for Every Need

Our carefully selected team of legal translation professionals understands the terminology of legal systems around the world. Connect with a professional legal translator who is native to the language you are targeting, and an expert in your field of law.

We deliver a full suite of legal translation services, including:
  • Legal document translations
  • Court interpreting
  • Certified legal translations
  • Guaranteed USCIS accepted translations
  • Compliance with university or high school requirements
  • Mirror-image, legally binding contract translations
  • Civil lawsuit translations
  • Sworn or certified translations with free certification for all documents
  • Translation affidavits
What is a Legal Translation?

Legal translation is the transference of written information within the legal system from one language to another. Legal translation is a complex service because judiciary systems differ greatly from one country to another. Due to this, a legal translator must have thorough knowledge of the intricate details of the pertaining legal system to assure that all requirements of that system are diligently met.